Luxury Distilled Beverages

Luxury Distilled Beverages is a world leader in premium beverages and owns a fine portfolio of distilled spirits, consumer packaged foods, and lifestyle experiences. Under the vision of a team of industry veterans, LDB is redefining the luxury spirit category through unsurpassed quality and unwavering attention to detail. Allumé Whiskey, Allumé Bourbon, Allumé Rye, Mur Mur Rum, Infinity Vodka, Bourbon & Cane and LDB Foods are part of Luxury Distilled Beverages LLC.


Beverage Brands


Allumé Bourbon / Coffee BBQ Sauce

Allumé Bourbon / Peach Maple Syrup

Allumé Bourbon Smokes
Sugar, Paprika, Chili Powder

Mur Mur Rum / Coconut Maple Syrup

Mur Mur Rum / Ginger Poultry Marinade

Mur Mur Rum / Pineapple Sauce


Restaurants / Food Trucks


Bourbon & Cane
 (Coming Soon)